Photo: Aly Aeschbacher


Carla Herrera is an experienced Interior Architect working in Zurich, Switzerland on an international portfolio of residential, commercial and retail projects. She has designed and completed projects in Zurich, Istanbul and Amsterdam for her own Interior Architecture Practice (2013- present) and was the Project Architect on a diverse array of projects in London, Amsterdam, Cape Town, Kuala Lumpur, Paris and Moscow while working as Head Designer of Rafael de Cardenas /Architecture at Large’s London Office (2009-2013). Key projects Carla took a leading role on while working at Rafael de Cardenas /Architecture at Large included the Architectural Digest Exhibition at Artcurial (Paris) the Baccarat store (London), Unknown Union Store (Cape Town), and several residential projects in London, Kuala Lumpur and New York. Carla holds a MSc. in Architecture from the Technical University in Delft, The Netherlands. 


Carla Herrera values the specific over the formulaic, a tailored approach that seeks to understand the unique requirements of each client and execute projects accordingly. She favours spaces that are resilient and have been designed to respect, support and welcome the changing circumstances we encounter in everyday life. As every project is singular and unique, Herrera chooses an intimate approach that can chart out specific design tactics that disclose new perspectives for her client’s homes and businesses.

Carla Herrera offers design services for a broad range of commercial and private clients. She designs strategic solutions that reveal, translate and amplify your hopes and wishes for the cosmopolitan spaces in which you live, work and present your products. In close partnership and collaboration with experienced artisans she designs site- and purpose specific furniture to follow and support her design strategies.